Property Watch

As part of Register Scott’s ongoing commitment to providing exceptional customer service to the residents of Carroll County, Register Scott is pleased to provide you with a state of the art, free Property Watch service. This service is being provided to help warn property owners of any fraudulent document recordings that may be recorded at the Carroll County Registry of Deeds.

For most of us, our home is our most valuable asset and Register Scott wants to help you protect that asset by providing you with a free method of being notified if a document is recorded with the Registry of Deeds that affects your property.

The Carroll County Registry of Deeds is the office tasked with maintaining public records and documents pertaining to real property in the county. The majority of these documents concern property ownership, such as deeds, mortgages, and foreclosure documents.

Why is the Property Watch so important?

It has been reported by the FBI that one of the quickest growing white collar crimes in America is property and mortgage fraud. This happens when a person knowingly records a fraudulent document making it appear that they own another person’s property or that the owner owes them money.

Unfortunately, the recording of fraudulent documents in order to steal people’s homes occurs. Register Scott believes this free Property Watch Service will assist all of us in preventing that from happening.

How it works:

The Property Watch service will automatically send you an email at the end of the recording day if a document is recorded that matches your name. If there is a recording that matches your name, you will receive an alert email with a link to the document for you to view, along with what to do in case you suspect the document is fraudulent.

Please note: The accuracy of this service is dependent upon the accuracy of the information entered when signing up and upon the accuracy of the information contained in the documents submitted to the Registry of Deeds for recordation.

How to Sign Up or change your notifications:

Enter your email address in the box below (you will be asked to enter it a second time to confirm it is correct) and then click “Add Name for Alert”, at which point a new box will appear where you can enter your name. Make sure you add the exact current owner of your property. You can add up to five different names per email address. Once you are finished, click Submit. You will receive a confirmation email shortly thereafter. Going forward you will only receive an alert email if a document is recorded with your name.

If you would like to change your notifications (add another name to be notified of, etc.) enter the email address you used to sign up with, and your existing notifications will be shown for you to add, change, or delete.


If you would like to sign up but don't have an email address or if you have any other questions, please contact the Carroll County Registry of Deeds..