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Carroll County Recording Requirements

General Recording Requirements


ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS only will be recorded.

NH RSA 478:4 “Recording.  The register of deeds shall receive, file and record for the legal charges all original deeds and instruments brought for that purpose, and shall furnish certificates or copies thereof when required. All documents submitted for recording in each registry of deeds should be on material with markings and of a size to insure suitable, permanent recording thereof.

DOCUMENTS MUST STATE THE FOLLOWING (a), (b) & (c) and be suitable for reproduction:

NH RSA 478:4-a   Form of Records.
I.  The register of deeds shall not accept a deed or instrument for filing and recording unless it recites the following information:
(a) The latest mailing address of the grantees named in the deed or instrument;
(b) In the first sentence of the first description paragraph, the names of all municipalities in which the property is located;
(c) The name of each person signing the deed or instrument as a party to the transaction printed or typewritten under the signature.
 II. All documents shall be suitable for reproduction as determined by the register of deeds, who shall provide document standards as amended and adopted by the New Hampshire registers of deeds.  The standards and any amendments thereto shall include a statement of their effective date, and shall be posted in and distributed by all registries of deeds for at least 60 days prior to such effective date.
This statute does not allow the recording of deeds and instruments if the above information is not included within the deed or instrument.  Reference is made to the Uniform Standards for Documents Presented for Recording in All New Hampshire Registries of Deeds Effective December 1, 2001, click on this link for National Document Recording Standards.
(Blue ink is preferred for the signature on documents recorded in Carroll County.)
TRANSFER TAX applied to all deeds of conveyance unless exemption is stated on deed.

L-CHIP applied to all deeds, mortgages, discharges and plans.

Name of Notary or Justice printed under signature.

a.         Plans must be on Mylar if drawn after 1 July 2001 and must meet statutory requirements.
b.         Plans must conform to the plat standards as of January 1, 2005.  Click here for RSA 478:1-a Recording of Plats
c.         All plans must be drawn on one of the following standard sizes:
            11” x 17″
            17” x 22″
            18” x 22”
            18” x 24”
            22” x 34″
            24” x 36”

All plats shall have a minimum of ½ inch margin on all sides

Upper right-hand corner will be for the exclusive use of the Registry of Deeds for recording data.

Plans must be signed and sealed by a licensed land surveyor and have original signatures in permanent black ink.

Original signatures and proper approvals as required.

Title block shall be located in the lower right-hand corner and should include:

            a. Owner of record
            b. Title of plat or development
            c. Plat and Revision dates
            d. Name of the town in which property is located

No shading or colors allowed.